Physician Supervised Hormone Balance Restoration

What is Restorative Medicine

Functional & Restorative Medicine is a novel medical discipline which aims to prevent, halt and even reverse degeneration and disability typically associated with aging and disease. With so many new and exciting tools available to medical science, this decline can be addressed and optimal health can be restored. At Wholey Healing we take a systematic and proactive approach to identifying and addressing the root causes of disease and age related decline.

The root causes of most disease and age related decline can be traced to dysfunction in systems of the body. These departures from optimal function can go on unrecognized for years resulting in undue stresses on our body that eventually result in a recognizable disease. Diseases are traditionally treated with medications that often address the symptoms of the condition but do not reverse the dysfunction leading to the condition.

A digestive system that is not breaking down proteins effectively may result in a deficiency of essential amino acids. These amino acids are the building blocks of all proteins in the body including our neurotransmitters necessary for balanced brain chemistry. This gastrointestinal dysfunction (which is often unrecognized) coupled with the stresses of modern society may lead to symptoms of depression or anxiety (a recognized medical condition).

Traditional western medicine typically addresses anxiety and depression with an appropriate medication such as an SSRI (like Zoloft, Prozac, Lexapro, etc) but often forgets to ask the question: Why did the condition occur in the first place? The person’s symptoms may respond to the medication, but without addressing the root cause, that individual will often need to continue on the medication in order to feel better.

In contrast, when we take a functional/restorative approach to health we may also use medications when appropriate but we simultaneously embark on a process to evaluate the systems involved. This search for the root cause to depression and anxiety may include:

Identifying the aforementioned amino acid deficiency by testing nutritional levels
Correcting said deficiency with enzyme supplementation which helps the body digest and assimilate its food better
Ensuring that other related systems such as hormones, adrenals, thyroid are also working at their optimal level.

Often, we can then withdraw the medication because the person now has balanced brain chemistry and health has been restored.

The body is a wonderful symphony of related systems that are interdependent. When every part is working optimally the music is great! When one player is off the whole symphony is affected. In order to achieve optimal health, it is crucial to address dysfunction by measuring and evaluating these systems in a truly holistic fashion.

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