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Dr. FalerAbout Dr. Faler

Dr Faler graduated with his BS in Biology from ESU in 2000 and went on to receive his doctoral degree from South West College of Naturopathic Medicine in 2005.  He is a Naturopathic physician holding licenses in three states, WA, OR and AZ.  Dr Faler Began his career in medicine in Spokane WA.  During this time Dr Faler began to see the effectiveness of hormone balancing in the quality of life of his patients.   He went on a journey to learn all he could about age related hormone decline and its role in quality of life.   “Nutrition, exercise and emotional balance are key, but when hormones drop off, all of this effort can seem fruitless. I was seeing many patients who were working hard but gaining little ground and even losing ground.  Hormone balance is an essential tool to empower my patients to be their best selves in their lives, and that makes the whole world brighter, that is what I am called to do.” Dr Faler.

Our Mission

Provide the highest quality care in the field of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. Empower people with the tools they need to be at their best in all aspects of their lives. To genuinely connect with patients and offer them a safe place to rest and gather the tools they need to excel.

Our Values

We are committed to excellence in customer service and as a small family owned business we are patient centered and build long lasting relationships of genuine value with each patient.

We are Committed to excellence in care and make use of both time tested techniques as well as the latest in research. To ensure this Dr Faler attends symposiums and lectures quarterly as well as reading the latest research related to general medicine as well as his specific field.  Dr Faler is a member of the Association for the Advancement of Restorative Medicine.

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