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happy coupleHappy Men and Happy Women make Happy Couples -

It is recommended that married couples start hormone therapy together. Yes, it is that serious! A man starting on testosterone therapy alone will almost certainly outpace his wife of the same age, leading to frustration for both, but for different reasons.
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Even with the lesser spikes of bio-identical hormone implants, many men report a sex drive similar to that of age 20 somewhere in the cycle. It's nice to have a wife with that same sex drive at the same time. It should be noted that many people report a much stronger sex drive for the first treatment than later on when their body learns to handle the hormones again.

Similar hormone treatments for women are also available, and yes men... they include just the right amount of testosterone for her too. Dust off the vacation club and fire up the Victoria Secret credit card, because things could get crazy.

Other relatively immediate benefits might also include an increase in a fun-loving spirit, more desire for romance, less sleep required because of better sleep when you get it, a better ability to lose weight, and interestingly enough - some people report fewer trips to the bathroom. This is particularly nice in the middle of the night. Again, these are beneficial side effects and you may or may not experience them all as each individual is different.

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