Physician Supervised Hormone Balance Restoration

Endocrine Disorders

The endocrine system involves several glands that produce and secret hormones to regulate or excite metabolism, growth and reproduction. Each endocrine gland has a particular function in your body, but these roles overlap and therefore affect one another. If one gland is not working properly, the others feel the effect. The most common symptom of endocrine system disorders is fatigue. If you feel tired, or feel that your “get-up-and-go” got up and left… you should see your doctor to determine the source of your fatigue. Fortunately, there are specific lab tests that can confirm endocrine disorders and there are natural remedies to help this system to work properly.

  • Thyroid Conditions

    Hypothyroidism​ & Hyperthyroidism - The thyroid is a small butterfly-shaped gland which controls your metabolism and is located in your throat. In a small percentage of people, their thyroid doesn’t produce enough hormones, leading to symptoms of hypothyroidism. Learn More

  • Blood Sugar Imbalances

    Diabetes & Hypoglycemia - Diabetes is a growing concern in this country. The phrase “diabesity” has been coined to reflect the association between diabetes and obesity. Diets high in refined carbohydrates and low in fresh vegetables lead to insulin resistance. Learn More

  • Hormone Imbalances

    Women’s bodies normally produce a variety of hormones including several types of estrogen (estrone, estradiol, estriol), progesterone, testosterone, DHEA, LH, FSH and others. The ebb and flow of these hormones create menstrual cycles and allow ovulation and pregnancy. Hormones are made from cholesterol, so making sure that healthy diets include good fats. Learn More

  • Adrenal Fatigue

    The adrenal glands are small pyramid-shaped glands that sit on top of our kidneys. These small glands produce hormones that help us deal with stress. This is a good thing, we need to deal with stress. However, the prolonged stress that we deal with in our modern life wears on our system. Learn More

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