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Male Wellness Programs


Office Consults
You can expect 1-2 visits Annually

All medications are overnighted to your door from a 503B compounding pharmacy. With the cost of Biannual visits included our average patient spend $200/ month with all needed medications included. There are no hidden fees or membership fees.

Lab Work
Lab work will be ordered by your Doctor and blood can be drawn at our Spokane office on Mondays or our Bellingham office on Saturdays. We can also send lab orders directly to you to have blood drawn at any local lab.

Be sure to bring your insurance card to the lab so that the lab can bill your insurance. If you do not have health insurance we recommend using Direct Labs for your least expensive option for cash labs.

Men's Wellness Program

Male Hormone Replacement Therapy
Our comprehensive testosterone replacement programs are tailored to the individual patients based on follow up lab work and symptom review.  Combining testosterone replacement with HCG and a low dose estrogen blocker helps to protect your well being and maximize your benefits.

On average with follow up visits, including text message access to the doctor and all medication shipped to your door our patients spend only $200/month for their personalized testosterone replacement program.

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