One of the top reasons that patients seek my help, either male or female, is changes in their mood. Men often begin feeling anxious, apathetic or irritable. Women most often begin to feel apathetic and anxious. Both men and women commonly say they have a decreased interest in sex and a difficult time staying asleep. These changes affect marriages and careers, and they effect the ability for parents to provide the best possible environment for their children. Age related hormone decline and the changes that come with it, are a natural human experience. However, in our current world, the demands we place on ourselves means we need to feel at our best well into our 60’s. Nutrition and exercise are of course the ground floor solution, we all need to eat a whole foods diet, practice intermittent fasting and exercise at least 30 minutes each day. Though, for most people this alone will not be enough, which is why working with an expert in bioidentical hormone replacement can be the key to restoring and maintaining not only balanced mood and physical performance, but also maintaining all that you do for those that you love.

Hormone replacement programs can be very safe, simple and effective and the benefits can be far reaching. For men it involves a few at home injections per week and costs about $200 per month. Men on a balanced program report improved mood and performance, both at work and at home. For women a hormone replacement program involves taking a sublingual medication nightly, as well as one in the morning with a cream at night. The cost is again about $200 a month. Women report much improved sleep, as well improvements in mood and in their performance at home and in their professional lives.

Getting to guide people through hormone restoration and balance is such a rewarding field of medicine. I feel honored every day to hear from patients how their quality of life has improved, empowering them to reach their goals. Hormones play a tremendous role in how we feel day-to-day, and working with a skilled medical professional is something that can offer life changing benefits. If you have questions about bioidentical hormone replacement, reach out for a complimentary consultation.

Be Well,

Dr. Faler