Physician Supervised Hormone Balance Restoration

Naturopathic Restorative Medicine

Naturopathic medicine is not just alternative medical therapy. It is also a mindset and lifestyle. Once you truly embrace this medicine, your outlook on health and life will forever be enhanced.

Naturopathic Restorative Medicine is a novel medical discipline which aims to prevent, halt and even reverse degeneration and disability typically associated with aging and disease. With so many new and exciting tools available to medical science, this decline can be addressed and optimal health can be restored. At Wholey Healing we take a systematic and proactive approach to identifying and addressing the root causes of disease and age related decline.

The root causes of most disease and age related decline can be traced to dysfunction in systems of the body. These departures from optimal function can go on unrecognized for years resulting in undue stresses on our body that eventually result in a recognizable disease. Diseases are traditionally treated with medications that often address the symptoms of the condition but do not reverse the dysfunction leading to the condition.

Unhealthy lifestyle habits, improper diet, nutritional deficiencies, poor digestion and elimination, and toxicity from pollutants and medications also weaken the body. Treating the whole person will not only heal present problems, but prevent illnesses later in life.

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