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Spokane, WA

Dr Faler is awesome. He goes above and beyond the call of duty to ensure his patients receive nothing but the best care possible. He is available by phone and text. No messing with untrained receptionists! He is caring, knowledgeable, professional, responsive, and personable. I am very happy I changed doctors and I feel better than ever under the care of Dr Faler!


Portland, OR

After years of sever fatigue, Dr. Faler was the only doctor that was able to help.

Tiffany L

Spokane, WA

I love my phone appointments! If I have any questions I can text him and he replies immediately.

Mike G

Dr. Faler is a doctor who listens to his patients. He is concerned and will take all the time needed to answer your questions. Then he will work with you as a partner in your wellness quest. I am very fortunate to have found such a doctor. Thank you Dr. Faler

Anthony L

Mead, WA

Dr. Faler has been helpful, knowledgeable, and understanding. So far I've found that two out of three has been normal, but he gets all three right. he has been prompt and professional in his email correspondence as well - which is fairly uncommon with medical professionals. He is also flexible when it comes to schedule and appointments which really helps.


Trout Dale, MT

I see a light at the end of the tunnel...finally!  After several years of trying to get answers from many doctors, hours of driving, time off from work, feeling sick with no answers or help...I feel excited after starting with Dr. Faler.  It was quick....my appointment was efficient and I left feeling like I finally may some answers.  I like that he listened which seems to be a problem with the doctors I have seen.  I have just started but I'm excited to see how I feel after a few months.  I'm on my way!  Starting to feel human again....Thank you, Dr. Faler for thinking outside the box...and pursuing working with patients via technology and mobile devices.  Great benefit for people with hectic careers and commute long distances.

June G

I'm so Thankful my niece located Dr Faler. I've always thought I had a thyroid issue and finally located a Doctor that would listen to my symptoms and treat the underlying cause, not just treat each symptom separately like a conventional Doctor has. Dr Faler is super nice, he cares, he's available when I have questions and explains everything to me on a level I can understand.   I haven't felt this good in a very long time.  Finally have energy, my brain doesn't feel as foggy as it did before, I'm losing weight slowly, less hair loss, stabilized moods ~ I can't Thank you enough Dr Faler!!

Andy G

Dr. Faler is top notch. I got his info from a guy at my gym who was having the same low energy, low sex drive and tired. I have gone threw 6 months if meds( original dosage and 1 change after blood work). I feel better, work more  and way more energy. I am down 15lbs (without re introducing the gym back into my routine). I will continue to work with Dr Faler for as long as necessary. Highly recommended.

Sheila S

Athol, ID

Dr. Faler is wonderful and always listens to what's going on with me.  I have gotten my hormones back on track and lost almost 20 pounds so far!

Joe C

Dr. Faler is a knowledgeable, compassionate doctor. Through his guidance my health, weight, well-being have improved dynamically over the last 6 months.


Spokane, WA

Dr. Faler did a great job explaining to me what was needed and the plus’s and minuses. He was very detailed and accepted any and all questions.

Cheryl B

One-on-consultation given healthy expert advise to jump-start healthy weight loss & more energy with B12 injections. I have had great results with package but got off the routine. Dr. Faler-- was there to get me back on to success to feeling better.


Dr. Faler is super responsive and well educated. He listens to my needs and throws his input in. We always come to an agreement of how best to proceed and go. It is just always a great experience.

Drew L

This was one of the best patient-doctor interactions I've had. I got my questions answered and received appropriate care in a timely manner. Thank you!

Diane B

Such a pleasure to meet Dr. Faler. I feel fortunate to be able to add him to my team of health care providers.

Andrew G

The responsiveness to calls and questions is a service above all others. Dr. Faler is not only knowledgeable but he also listens to the request of the customer and explains his findings very well. the best doctor I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with.


Spokane, WA

I just started seeing Dr. Faler about two weeks ago for vertigo, after a couple treatments, some homeopathic remedies and a new supplement I am feeling better than ever.​
I like how Dr. Faler explains what he’s doing, why he’s doing it and the expected outcome. He used both Eastern and Western medicine to help diagnose and treat me. I really like having a doctor who knows the benefits of both Eastern and Western medicine and uses both to combine a complete treatment plan. I also like being able to see him for chiropractic work!​

After taking the homeopathic medicine the very next day I felt better. I wasn’t sure there would be a measurable/noticeable improvement so fast and was shocked and happy to feel so good so fast!!!

C. Struck

Spokane, WA

I first started seeing Dr. Faler in 2009 for menopausal symptoms as I had some horrible experiences with my regular MD. I had never seen a Naturopath before, but I was very interested in holistic healing and medicine. I had just a little knowledge as to what I might expect.​

First off, Dr. Faler took the time to get to know me as a patient. I was not a time block that was seen and rushed out of the office with a new prescription in hand. Dr. Faler asked questions that no other health care provider even ventured to take the time to ask. His chair-side demeanor was very calming and reassuring. I felt confident and relaxed within minutes of sharing personal information. I knew I was in the right office after 15 minutes of getting to know Dr. Faler. We established a very good doctor/patient relationship because he also explained his background and medical approaches to sound health. It made sense to me.

Dr. Faler’s expertise goes way beyond the typical family practitioner. The solutions he proposed were logical and sound yet different. He explained everything in detail so that I could understand it completely. I could tell right away he was an expert in his field and it made me feel confident in his treatment solutions. Later, my husband and I attended a seminar he taught and found it extremely beneficial in taking control of our own health. Dr. Faler does not treat symptoms but the root causes of underlying medical problems. He knows what he is doing.

If you have never been to a Naturopath practitioner,but you are considering seeing one, please call Dr. Faler’s office first. Since the first visit, I have recommended Dr. Faler to many of my co-workers with full confidence. I still highly recommend Dr Faler.


Sandpoint, ID

I came to this country in 1996. I am originally from China and have had neck and lower back problems for many years. I have tried three different chiropractors since I have been in the U.S. and they all do similar back adjustments and are finished in about 10 minutes. As I am getting older, I now have arthritis and my problems are getting worse. My husband found Dr. Faler on the Internet. Dr. Faler uses Chinese chi-gong, acupressure, massage, and other techniques in addition to chiropractic. He also gives good suggestions for calming me down and helping with mental relaxation. He is totally different from other health care providers as he puts together both traditional Chinese and American practices and takes the time to provide genuine improvement. I want to tell people that have the same problems as I do about how Dr. Faler helped me and how he can help them too.


Very personable, extremely competent in his field of expertise, and was really through in answering the host of questions I had for him. His assistant, anotherDr., was of equal value in this format, I really appreciated all their energy.


Very professional! Attentive, compassionate and understanding I will be seeing him again.


Dr Faler is a very good doctor and a complete professional. I would recommend him to everyone. He is very easy to talk to and completely non-judgmental and very eager to solve the patient's issues.


Thank you very much Dr. Faler for all you have done for me , I know I'll be getting better soon and thank you Steve you are both very kind and I will be seeing you soon. Take care Dennis


I really liked Dr Faler, he is very good at communicating the right information to the patient. He made me feel comfortable which allowed me to explain my situation easier. He is an asset to the organization.